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CYC Cameras

How to Access CYC Cameras


The CYC cameras are viewable over the internet in a number of different ways.


Connect on a PC

The recommended way to connect from a PC is to install the Lorex Client 11 on your PC.  You can download the client for free from from the web site.

Once installed, click on the Lorex Client 11 icon on the desktop.

Lorex Client 11

Enter the following information:

IP Address:

User Name: cycguest

Password: <leave blank>

Client port: 9000

There is no password required.  Also we recommend that you uncheck the Open all Channels preview.  The internet bandwidth from CYC is not that good so if you view cameras one at a time you will have a much better experience.


Click Login to access the cameras



Mobile Connection:


Download the free vMEyePlus app from the Apple App Store.

Open the vMEye+ icon

Once you get to the main screen touch the + at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the following:

 Click save.

 Touch CYC entry as shown above to view cameras.


Download the free Lorex Mobile ECO app from the Google Play Store.

Tap the Lorex Mobile ECO icon.

Touch to open the Device list menu and touch Add

Enter the following:

Touch OK and Back.

Touch +

Touch the name CYC and select the channel you would like to display in the selected space. Repeat to view additional channels.

 Note: if you are having difficulty please contact [email protected]